Oh I feel overjoyed
When you listen to my words
I see them sinking in
Oh I see them crawling underneath your skin
Overjoyed by Bastille

Hi! I’m Zella. I started blogging when I went away to college, and I’ve been posting life updates, profound thoughts, fiction, and silliness on Tuesdays ever since.

I dream of being a wife and stay-at-home mom, but at the moment I’m a librarian. I can happily work quietly in the library all day, and then I leave and crank up the music in my car.

I love books. I think they’re wonderful and important, and I’m blessed to have a job where I get to work with them.

My favorite book is The Lord of the Rings. I have read it a dozen times, no exaggeration. But my daily taste ranges from children’s picture books to sappy YA novels to books about religion.

For quite a few years now, I have also read through a different Bible translation every year. My current favorite is the Jerusalem Bible. I also make frequent use of the English Standard Version, and I enjoyed the New Living Translation.

At my church’s midweek Bible study, I teach a class for two- and three-year-olds. Small children are a joy, and it’s fascinating to watch them learn and grow and think.

In addition to reading and Bible study and teaching little ones, I like to stretch my brain and my creativity by writing, sometimes on my own, sometimes collaborating with a friend. I have fictional characters I love, and it’s great fun to throw them in traumatizing situations and watch them grow or write fluffy happy pieces that make me feel all melty.

And, of course, I also write my blog. Though it can be difficult to think up topics every week, the practice and discipline presumably does me good, and overall, I’m glad of a place to share my thoughts.


6 thoughts on “About

      1. I’ve never felt so on top of anything in my life. I can tell you must feel the same. ;)

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