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For the second half of last week, I flew to the Outer Banks to join my parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins on vacation. I had a lovely time. It was short, but relaxing.

Though it started out with getting up before four in the morning on Wednesday, which was not relaxing. The one perk to this is that sunsets and sunrises over thick banks of clouds are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen with my own eyes. (My phone doesn’t take the best pictures, but it’s what I had.)

We didn’t do a whole lot. Thursday, when it was kind of chilly, we went mini golfing (I got a hole in one!) And we did take a walk on the beach, and then drank hot chocolate, which was an entertaining combination of activities. We also played some games in the evening, and I walked down to the beach to see it in the moonlight, which was beautiful.

Friday it warmed up, so we spent most of the day at the pool and the beach. (I believe this is also the day Dad and my cousins got up to see the sunrise. I did not join them.) The part of the beach we were on didn’t have many shells, but we did get some, mostly at low tide. It felt more like catching shells; they showed up at the very lowest point of the waves and you had to rush to grab them before another wave came in and snatched them away.

Saturday morning my aunt and uncle and cousins left to head home in the morning, and my parents and I spent some of the day walking around a town on the sound side of the islands. We saw many boats. Then we had dinner (seafood, of course) before they dropped me off at the airport to fly home (they are still vacationing).

I did not come home badly sunburned, so that’s a plus.


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