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Happy Narnia Day!

My friend Maria and I have declared May 16th Narnia Day because it’s the day the Prince Caspian movie came out (nine years ago O.o ). It’s especially pleasant when it falls on a Tuesday (we like Tuesdays).

(I’m just gonna ramble in this post, fair warning.)

I had a long day at work. It wasn’t bad. There just was not much to do and I was rather bored, so it seemed to go on forever.

We have reached the unfortunate time of year where the short amount of time it takes to walk from a building to my car makes my allergies noticeably worse. The other librarians keep saying things like, “It’s too nice to stay in; I’m going to take my break outside,” and, “Why did anyone even come to the library today?” while I’m thinking that I plan to remain indoors as much as humanly possible. Unceasing sneezing is a problem. And my ears itch and I hate it. But I’m mostly okay if I stay in.

Tonight my mom and I shopped for swimsuits for our upcoming trip to the beach and then looked through a slideshow of wedding dresses. Some of them were terrible. We laughed until we cried and could hardly talk.

And now I shall go. It’s late, and I want to finish the book I’m reading and eat my ice cream before it melts. Have a nice night. Or day, depending on when you’re reading this.