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In the first of my Alphabetical Music posts, I mentioned that my friend GG and I were going to a Starset concert this month. Last Friday was the day.

The sunset during the drive was gorgeous.

It required a short road trip (not even long enough to be called a road trip, really…), which is always part of the fun of our adventures. The only real trouble we had was finding a place to park. There were several parking lots near the theater, but they were all tiny and packed. We found one not too far away on the GPS, and it was large and mostly empty and very promising – and inexplicably closed. Eventually I remembered that I had seen on the theater’s website that they offered valet parking, so we went with that. The man doing the valet parking wasn’t particularly helpful, but it worked.

We weren’t overawed by any of the opening bands. The first was all right. The second just wasn’t very good overall (even though they had a stuffed dinosaur on stage with them). The third was weird. Which meant the all right one ended up being our favorite, surprisingly.

0217172228I am short, and there were some tall people around us, so I couldn’t always see the stage well. But by the time Starset performed, a nice gap through which I could see nearly the entire stage had formed (as you can see by this blurry picture I hastily snapped before they began). This part of the show was very cool. They did fascinating things with lights and electronics. It was a lot of fun to watch. And they ended with the first Starset song I ever encountered (which may also be my favorite), so that seemed fitting.

We drove right back home after the concert. It was a surprisingly exhausting evening; I was beat the next day. But it was fun. And going to a concert for a band I discovered was bizarre and exciting and cool.


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