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Alphabetical Music – Part 1

Last week I had a dream that I was writing this post. My brain even gave me suggestions for some of the more difficult letters. It was the most useful dream I have ever had.

I decided to split it up into two posts since it’s going to be rather long. It’s probably still too long. But that’s okay, because I had fun putting it together.


All the Pennies – Mindy Gledhill
Mindy Gledhill sings lots of fluffy, adorable songs. This one is fun.


Beautiful Times – Owl City ft. Lindsey Stirling
It’s hard to choose, but this might be my favorite Owl City song.


Come to Me – Goo Goo Dolls
I heard part of this on the radio recently and thought, “That’s cute. I need to look it up when I get home.” I managed to remember, and it did not disappoint.


Douse the Flame – The Hunts
The Hunts played at my college multiple times while I was there. Unfortunately, I never got to go to one of the concerts, because they were always Thursday nights while I was working in the library. But I still feel some sort of connection to them, if only because of the many, many, many times the concerts were announced in chapel (at some point it became a running joke with the whole school).


Europe’s Skies – Alexander Rybak
I don’t even remember how I discovered this song. Well, correction: it was from some other song by the same artist, but I don’t remember how I discovered that song.


Follow On – Celtic Woman
I just think this one is cool.


Geronimo – Sheppard
This song gives me flashbacks to the week I spent at my college running the lights for Expressions after I graduated. I heard it on the radio while driving around, it reminded me of a couple fictional characters some friends and I have, so I looked it up while killing time in the school’s library. In some ways, that was a frustrating week, but I did get some good music out of it.


Halo – Starset
One day a Starset song popped up as a suggested video from some other song I was listening to on Youtube. I don’t know what that other song was. I don’t know why Youtube thought I would like Starset. It’s not really my usual style. Sometimes I listen to the few Starset songs that edge into screamo and wonder, “How do I like this?” (This is not one of those, if you’re wondering.) But their songs, put together, tell a story, which is very cool. And somehow I just like them. They have a new album coming out this month. I’m rather impatient. And my friend GG and I are going to a Starset concert next month. It should be exciting.


I‘m a Wrecking Ball – Yellowcard
This is my favorite song from Yellowcard’s latest album. I love it. I can play it (sort of; it still needs more practice) on the ukulele, which is enormously satisfying.


Just As I Am – Charlotte Elliott (This version is sung by Ray Walker)
I love this song. It’s pretty profound.


Kill the Whales Anthem – Mates of State
Obviously this is not intended to be taken seriously. (It goes with this video, if you’re looking for more humor.)


Loch Lomond – Peter Hollens
This is my favorite of Peter Hollens’ covers. It’s just gorgeous.


My Hope is Built on Nothing Less – Edward Mote (This version is sung by The Dallas Christian Adult Concert Choir)
At some point during college I realized this had become one of my very favorite religious songs. I’m not entirely sure why. My favorite verse is the third, which is the verse no one sings, of course, but this version includes it.


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