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Ways to Improve a Bad Day


Arrange your workspace more neatly
reathe consciously
Chat with a friend
Drink tea or hot chocolate, and also plenty of water
Eat enough to keep hunger from making you more moody
Forgive – others and yourself
Go for a walk
Hug someone you love
Invest time in some creative pursuit: write, draw, build a tower out of your kid’s blocks…
Jot down a list of what you need to accomplish instead of trying to remember it all
Keep counting blessings
Laugh, even if it’s only at cat videos on Youtube
Make music: hum along to the radio, pound out your angst on drums, whatever
Open the curtains, and the windows and doors if the weather’s nice
Quote scriptures to yourself
Read picture books from the children’s section of the library, no matter how old you are
Show kindness to others instead of taking your frustration out on them
Think about elephants instead of your problems
Use the annoyances as ways to grow your patience
Visit someone who is lonely
Write Bible verses on post-its and stick them where you’ll see them
X out items on the list you jotted down once they’re finished
Zone out and daydream for a while


2 thoughts on “Ways to Improve a Bad Day

  1. These are good. My mom told me when I was down to find someone worse off and serve them. Your S and V suggestions capture this…

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