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Last week, my friend GG and I went on an Adventure.

My favorite band, Yellowcard, is currently on their farewell tour; they are retiring. GG likes them a lot, too. I never really expected to have an opportunity to attend a Yellowcard concert, but when a deadline of possibilities developed, that became rather sad. So GG and I decided that even though they weren’t coming to our state, it was worth a road trip, because in the long run we would regret never seeing them in concert.

We had a blast.

The road trip itself was fantastic, as usual. On the way there, we listened to basically the entire Yellowcard collection, skipping a song here and there so we could get through the whole thing. We sang a lot. And talked. And were generally very excited.

We got to Chicago with some time to spare, so we found food and then a coffee shop to kill the extra time before we headed to the venue.

We did a lot of waiting. But that meant we were there early enough to be pretty close to the stage, so it was worth it. There were a couple opening bands, neither of which we knew anything about. One of them was pretty fun. Though their music edged into screamo, which I’m not fond of, and it made me reflect on the fact that my 13-year-old self would probably have been rather baffled to know that in a decade I would end up at a punk rock concert.

I got a picture of the drum set, though unfortunately it’s rather blurry.

Anyway. Eventually Yellowcard was actually on the stage. It was a bit surreal, and I’m still not sure it has entirely sunk in. They performed for a solid two hours, and it was epic.

If we could only go to one Yellowcard concert, I’m glad it was one from their farewell tour, because that meant they played some of the best songs from all their albums, from the first one with their current lead singer, which came out in 2001, to the newest album released less than two months ago. There were only two songs I didn’t know well; one of those I half knew, and I knew bits and pieces of the other.

I managed to keep track of all the songs they performed so that I could write them down after it was over. I put a lot of effort into that. It was worth it.

It was loud. And elbow room was kind of nonexistent. GG informed me that it was the most intense concert she’s been to, so that was quite a change from my limited concert experience. But it was tons of fun.

Look, we were in that crowd! Though just outside the picture, unfortunately.

Surprisingly, despite singing along for the whole concert and for hours in the car beforehand, we were still able to talk when it was over. Which was convenient, because we had to compare observations.

We had a very comfortable hotel room for the night and an equally enjoyable trip home the next day (with some different music this time).

It was wonderful. I’m so glad we went.

In conclusion, have the song that made me cry when they performed it:


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