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50 Ways to Say “I Love You”

“I love you so much that it is starting to steal other words’ meanings.”

  1. Are you okay?
  2. I’ll carry that.
  3. Do you want some?
  4. I miss you.
  5. Be careful.
  6. Can I help?
  7. I’m sorry.
  8. I forgive you.
  9. Have you eaten?
  10. Do you want to come?
  11. You make me smile.
  12. Here, share my blanket.
  13. You can talk to me.
  14. My treat.
  15. I thought you’d like this.
  16. What do you need?
  17. What do you want to watch?
  18. I’ll take care of it.
  19. Go to bed.
  20. Let me know when you get there.
  21. I’m glad we’re friends.
  22. How was your day?
  23. Remember when we…?
  24. Thank you.
  25. Take a break.
  26. You can borrow mine.
  27. Hi, beautiful.
  28. You handled that well.
  29. It made me think of you.
  30. Let’s do something together.
  31. I got your favorite kind.
  32. Do you want a hug?
  33. Do your homework.
  34. For you.
  35. Want to chat?
  36. Wear a coat.
  37. This will make you laugh.
  38. I like your shirt.
  39. Want anything while I’m up?
  40. You make me feel special.
  41. You are special.
  42. I’ll pray for you.
  43. How did it go?
  44. You’re good at this.
  45. Take some leftovers with you.
  46. Text me if you have time.
  47. You can do it.
  48. You have a great smile.
  49. Sleep well.
  50. I’m glad you’re here.

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