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Songs I’ve Had on Repeat Recently

In case you’re in need of some new music ideas yourself.

It hasn’t quite been on repeat yet actually, but this is what stuck in my head from listening to this album today, so it’s likely to come up again tonight. I love the chorus.


This song is a fairly new discovery, as is the band. I recently bought the song and discovered that there’s a bit at the end that was not in the Youtube video I’d been listening to, which was extra exciting because it connects the song to this one (bonus!), which I also like.


One of my very favorites of Kurt Schneider’s covers. (He’s the guy playing the tiny piano.) I’ve heard the original song, and I’m not a fan, but I love this version.


My mom and I saw Wicked again recently. It was very exciting. We loved it just as much the second time. This is the love song from the musical, and I appreciate it on multiple levels because it also perfectly describes a couple in some stories I write.


Some of the musical Hamilton is problematic, but this song about two fathers writing letters to their children is absolutely precious.


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