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“You Don’t Need to Apologize”

… is something we should say less often.

We mean well. It’s supposed to be a way to assure the person apologizing that we weren’t offended or upset. Sometimes it works, especially if the event was insignificant.

But sometimes it doesn’t.

Apologizing isn’t easy. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and stressful. Quite often, a person apologizes because they feel they need to. If you tell them they don’t, they’re just kind of stuck. They tried to do something difficult because they felt it was necessary, and you won’t accept it, so where do they go from there?

“It’s okay.” “I’m not angry.” “I forgive you.” If you are genuinely not upset, there are many possible responses to an apology that convey those feelings without devaluing the effort and feelings of the person apologizing. Be creative. Let them apologize.


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