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For Your Whale-Being

I spent last week visiting three wonderful friends. GG and I took our annual road trip into warmer regions to visit D and Gaby. We had so many fantastic adventures.

On the way down, we got stuck in traffic. We went about eight miles in two and a half hours. Because of maybe a quarter mile of construction where there was one lane. That was a bit boring. We were thankful we had filled up the gas tank not long ago. But we still managed to have lots of fun. In spite of/because of introducing each other to lots of depressing music, because that’s what we do. Also we played Crack the Case, a game that is difficult to explain that lives in my car for these situations. An angry fortune teller woman sawed through the supports of a wooden bridge so it would collapse when a certain man drove over it. I don’t even know.

We finally arrived at D’s house and had lots of hugs and moved in. As usual, D promptly began taking notes on all the funny things anyone said. She filled up an entire notebook while we were there. If you’ve never had someone giggle hysterically and dive for their pen in reaction to something you said, you’re really missing out.

Due to D being D and having an entire notebook of, well, notes, she will have a much more organized blog post about the week, I’m sure.

The next day (and most of the others), we abducted Gaby. She came quite willingly. She shared weird food with whoever wished to partake. Lychee gummies. Green tea Oreos. She had me try sushi. This was a first. It was surprisingly okay. We also went to a tea room one day. They had a whole trunk of hats you could wear. You should see me in a crown. There’s a picture of it somewhere.

We played lots of Apples to Apples. As fictional characters, of course. It’s much more fun that way. There’s one of D’s characters we especially like to torment. Poor Jason puts up with a lot.

There was also the annual taking fictional characters to therapy. We’ve reached the point where we actually manage to help characters sometimes on top of it being hilarious role play. This year, I ended up being Professor Plum, the character I always choose to play in Clue, who had been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Mr. Body. He was definitely framed by Mrs. Peacock. D, the therapist at the time, didn’t have much to work with, as Professor Plum did not want to be therapized, so I don’t think he’s one of the ones we helped.

One night, we went on a walk with D’s sister and the family dog (I love that dog). These walks are always so much fun. And somehow it happened on the night when the weather was actually nice instead of oppressively hot and humid, so that was refreshing.

We filmed a recreation of the best scene from Captain America: Civil War. GG and I also filmed one from the second Thor movie on our drive home. And of course we filmed the therapy sessions. AND MY LITTLE PONIES.

We use My Little Ponies as characters from our epic fictional-characters-in-Boy-and-Girl-Scouts story. This year there was a wedding. The Boy Scouts crashed the wedding, complete with a “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” flash mob. I think the most notable quote was, “The officiant matches the unity tea!” Unfortunately, it was probably much funnier in context and late at night.

I feel like I could go on forever, but I still have reading I would like to get done tonight. On Friday, we played one more game of Apples to Apples. Then we had to do funny things so D could finish the notebook. GG stole it, and she and I had a conversation by writing in it. Then we told funny stories. Then there were more hugs before GG and I drove away.

And came back two minutes later to retrieve something we’d forgotten.

We stopped at Gaby’s house briefly(ish). There we played Gloom and yet one more game of Apples to Apples. Also, more hugs.

We hit a bit of rush hour traffic, but there were no major delays on the trip back. We got very excited when the temperature dropped into the 70s AND STAYED THERE. We listened to more depressing music. For about two hours at the end, we plotted a FABULOUS story. And by FABULOUS, I mean ANGST. It was so much fun. We laughed a lot.

It was a wonderful, wonderful week. God has given me some lovely friends, and getting to be in the same room (or car, or whatever) with them is a joy.

Oh, I suppose I could explain the title. It came from a series of ocean puns. Most of them provided by Gaby. This is the one that stuck and became a recurring phrase throughout the week.

If you would like to read about previous annual visits:


2 thoughts on “For Your Whale-Being

  1. What a priceless treasure true friends are. I’m happy just hearing about your week. Can you teach your Uncle Al how to enjoy being stuck in traffic?

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