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Tuesday at Camp

I got my camera back! So now I can do the post I had planned for last week.

Quite a while ago, I found a list of blogging prompts that included, “Your day in photos {take a photo every hour from wake to sleep}.” I’ve wanted to do it, but for most of my days it would be rather repetitive. I decided camp might have more variety, so last Tuesday I took pictures all day. (What you cannot see is how incredibly hot and humid it was.) Some were on the hour; some were not. So have an example of a day at church camp.



Good morning, alarm clock. You’re useful, but also obnoxious.



Breakfast! Well, my tea. One of my favorite parts of being staff is that I am now allowed in the kitchen, so I can make tea in the mornings.



At 10 we were singing during chapel. We sang this song ALL. THE. TIME. It got old. (And I have it stuck in my head now, unfortunately.) But usually the song we sing ALL. THE. TIME. is Heaven’s Road, so it least it was some variety from that.



On Tuesday, they gave out shirts. I am actually okay with the almost-lime green. It is much better with the yellow they had for about three years.



Noon! Sports time! Which I have claimed as my shower-and-then-relax-a-bit time, because they usually don’t need my help. I was sprawled on the hill reading. It was a good book.



After lunch. Heading to the village for Rest in Cabins. Which is not long enough to be restful by the time you walk down the mountain, gather up what you need, and then walk back up the mountain.



Pool time! I didn’t swim that day, but I did stick my feet in the water.



Eating a Reese’s Cup, as you can see. Probably a frozen one. If you’ve never tried them that way, you should.



At 4, we were in the middle of memory work. The theme this year was Philippians, so the kids were memorizing verses from that book.
This is a Bible I got from camp. They give them out every year to new campers, and I got one the first year they did it. When showed it to some of the middle schoolers, they were duly impressed.



5 was singing on the hill, so I took a picture of the classic view from the hill.


I completely missed 6 o’clock. That was Bible Bowl time, so I was pacing around the dining hall watching the campers answer questions and answering them (correctly!) in my head.



At 7, we were playing Capture the Flag. (Somewhere on the ground in this picture is a flag.) I actually played most of the time. And by played, I mean that once in a while I attempted to get someone out of jail or chased someone who was invading my side. Most of that was not successful. I am not fast.



Canteen. I don’t remember what I ate, but this was the menu. They had Cream Soda this year, which made me happy, as that is about the only pop I like.



Campfire devo. We had some nice fires; this was an especially good one.



My favorite camp game: Right Town, Left Town. Each team straddles a bench. Everyone is given a profession. If you are a firefighter and the announcer says, “Right Town needs a firefighter,” you get off the bench to the right, run around the bench, and sit back down. The team whose firefighter sat down first gets a point. For Middle Town, you can choose which side to get off. For a catastrophe, everyone runs. Once in a while there’s a catastrophe in Middle Town, and then it’s pure chaos.
I am in the minority for loving this game, but I think it’s tons of fun. This year I got to play because they needed extra people. I got some impressive bruises, and it was completely worth it.



By 11, the girls were in their cabins and (hopefully) settling down. I was finishing up my reading for the day. And then going to sleep, though not as quickly as I would have liked.


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