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A Fiction Cliché I Love

Credit for this blog post idea goes to my friend Gaby, who is a wonder and started spouting suggestions when I complained that I had no clue what to write this week.

Think Middle Ages. Probably fantasy, but not necessarily. But something that takes place in a castle.

Big disaster. Like, something huge. The castle is under siege. Someone important – probably a beloved general – has died. The gate isn’t going to hold up much longer. All the remaining important people are walking around with serious expressions. No one expects to live through the night.

Then the main character goes to the kitchen to check on food preparations, because the soldiers still need to eat just in case the plot swings in their favor. The mood in the kitchen is completely different. There’s a lot of bustle. Everyone’s in a hurry. And everyone is slightly exasperated.

Especially the chef, whom the main character talks to. The chef complains that all the fighting has completely messed up their schedule. No one wants to sit down for a meal. Everyone just wants food, lots of it, now. Their efforts and the fine dishes they create are completely unappreciated. Here, you try this soup, tell me it does not deserve some appreciation!

Of course the main character does not dare. They leave significantly less hungry and probably in better spirits.

Yeah. That slightly exasperated castle kitchen staff when disasters disturb their schedule? I love it.


2 thoughts on “A Fiction Cliché I Love

  1. Mess with anything but not my routines!! From the cradle to the grave, this seems to be the human anthem. I’m actually working very hard now to be alright without routines. It seems when I give one up I want to latch onto another. I can see this story as a true comment on people in general. I want to hear more. Does the enemy break in?

    1. It’s really interesting how people in general are such creatures of habit. I’m not sure why that is.
      I’d say the enemy probably doesn’t. Help probably arrives just in the nick of time.

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