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I have recently realized a cool thing about growing up: I respect my own opinions a lot more.

Sometimes I don’t approve of the way others handle situations. I’m not referring to times when someone is obviously doing something sinful or unkind or that sort of thing. Smaller things. Where they didn’t necessarily do anything wrong but I disagree with their method.

For most of my life, I brushed this off with, “Well, they’re an adult, maybe they know something I don’t.” But I have realized, “You know… I’m an adult. And I know some things.”

Do I know everything? Certainly not. I’m still learning. But so is everyone else. So it’s possible my opinions might actually have value, too.

This has been quite freeing.

Next goal: Reach the point where I expect other adults to believe my opinions have value. (Not saying that’s not the case now. But my feelings on the matter tend to doubt it.)

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