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Gender Inequality

Let’s discuss a serious issue.


So many pants in the women’s clothing department have no pockets.

This is not okay.

I don’t understand it. I have been told that pockets are left out to give the pants a more flattering shape. Okay. So I guess I can understand that in clothes for nice occasions, though personally I would still prefer to have pockets. But you know what? I own sweatpants that have no pockets. Sweatpants are intended for comfortable, not attractiveness. Has any woman ever put on sweatpants and thought, “Oh, these don’t have pockets, perfect! Exactly what I wanted!”

I don’t think so.

Men never seem to have this problem. It’s really not fair.

You know what else is not fair? A man can put anything in the inside pocket of a suit jacket and you cannot tell it’s there. It does not matter the size and shape of the man or the item. It just vanishes.

How does this work? Are those pockets bigger on the inside or something? Can we take this technology and apply it to women’s pants pockets? Because that would solve the whole issue.

End of I’m-only-partially-joking rant.


2 thoughts on “Gender Inequality

  1. Amen!!!! I end up getting rid of pants without pockets. We have more things to carry than men. I don’t get it. And then there are baby jumpers that have a zipper on only one leg. You have to contort their little bodies to get them in and out. Who is designing these things. I bet it’s not a woman. OK I’ve got to stop before I get really wound up. I have a whole list

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