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Some Thoughts on Children (Or Lack Thereof)

A little girl without a doll is more or less as miserable and just as impossible as a woman without a child. – From Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

When I read Les Mis, I kept a list of quotes I liked. This was one of them. I think there’s a lot of truth to it.

Does every woman feel this way? No. Does every little girl feel this way? No. There. We got the disclaimer out of the way and can move on.

This quote is not one I see floating around the internet with other quotes from Les Mis. It’s not a popular sentiment in modern society. Desperately wanting children is not encouraged. Nor is encouraging little girls to want children someday. You can have kids if you want them, sure, but hey, how’s that career coming?

Fine, another disclaimer: Not everyone has that attitude. I don’t know if the majority of people have that attitude. But it seems to be the general consensus that is presented to the world.

I find this incredibly sad. Especially since I am a woman who sometimes feels rather miserable and impossible for wanting a child. Which is incredibly frustrating at this stage of my life when I also have zero marriage prospects. (If you feel like telling me I’m young and have lots of time, please don’t. One, I’m aware that I’m young. Two, only God knows for sure what my future looks like. Three, hearing that really doesn’t help. At all.)

I seem to have said all I have to say about the subject at the moment, so in lieu of a concise concluding paragraph, I shall end on a more cheerful but related note: I got to babysit a couple little girls today. It was wonderful. We had lots of fun. We went on a polar bear hunt, and I learned that polar bears “live in the winter.” Now you know, too.


3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Children (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. I went from no romantic interest to married and mother in just over two years. Life is unexpected.

    On another note, Yay for polar bears living in winter. I always suspected, and I’m glad you’ve now confirmed that for me. :)

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