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Dictionary 2

I got to spend last night with my friend Maria. This got me thinking about the dictionaries we created for ourselves. I shared the first one a few months ago, and I decided it was time for the second. As I said before, some of the definitions are inside jokes and might not make sense, but I think some of them are funny by themselves, too.

(And a note: If you’re wondering about it, I did indeed change the appearance of my blog. I decided it was time for something new.)

Adulthood – I need an adultier adult!

Blankets – Best used for shock

Chickens – They belong in kitchens

Dysentery – A common killer on the Oregon Trail

Enormous books – Found in the Stacks

Flipping a bill – For when you have no coins (but if it lands on its side, you’re sunk)

Gloom – “You have a family of characters, and you try to make them as miserable as possible before they die!” Zella gleefully proclaimed.
Goodnight Moon – To be read routinely by “adults” (see: Adulthood) at bedtime

Hobbit – Worth the torture

Ice cream – Follow Boniface’s lead

Jadin – He needs to be real

Knothole gazing – A highly entertaining pastime

Leaf piles – How to clean the yard

Masks – An essential part of Walmart shopping
Mustache – Produces shock (see: Blankets)

Narnia bag – It has endured through many gift exchanges

Onion rings – The real rings to rule them all
Oregon trial – Something that happens when you get sick on the Oregon Trail

Peanut butter pie – Worth waiting for
Pluto – It is a planet!

Quilting – It has to do with fall, and we like fall

Reflections – Good for taking pictures

Security guards – More desirable than princes
Sherlock – An exercise in patience
Smiling – Behold, we do it
Steak’n Shake – Where to meet Prince Charming
Sweet darling – You weigh too much!

The Scream – Found on Maria’s ceiling
Toothless – Our own friend and bodyguard

Unmentionables – Obviously we can’t mention them

Valley Dairy – Go for the terrible service
Visiting the pickled parents of the forty-nine children – If you do not, you certainly will not see them

Winnie the Pooh – Also to be read routinely by “adults” (see: Adulthood) at bedtime (see: Goodnight Moon)
Winter Light – Why?

X-Men – Something we need to watch together

Yoder – Yoda’s Amish cousin

Zippity Doo Dah – A horse in Herd Your Horses


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