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Prolonging Your Lifespan

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. – Proverbs 17:22

My friend Maria and I have a long-running joke about how when we’re together we prolong our lifespans because we make each other laugh a lot.

Studio C is another thing that makes me laugh (and sometimes Maria and I laugh at it together). It’s a TV show of a group that does comedy sketches. (And they don’t include inappropriate content, which is very nice.) It came into my life a few years ago when someone shared one of their videos on Facebook during finals week. It provided great procrastination material; I think I watched every Studio C video in existence at the time during that week.

In the interest of prolonging everyone’s lifespans, I decided to share my favorite sketches from the current season.

It just keeps getting funnier. And the end. The end is my favorite part.

You can probably relate.

Just the fact that this one exists excites me. And their impersonations are fantastic. Moriarty especially is spot on. Matt gets the gold star.

This one is probably funnier if you’ve seen the original Mr. Ecklestone sketch, but I think it would be great all by itself, too.

I have lots of sub-favorites, but I couldn’t narrow them down, and they would have made this a very long list. So go investigate for yourself. Try not to get too sucked in. (Or just go with it.)


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