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Dental Work, Or, I Don’t Feel Like Writing Anything Time Consuming

Last Thursday I had a root canal. (And three cavities filled.) This was a new experience. It was to take care of a tooth that had a large cavity three years ago or so, was filled at the time, and has bothered me off and on ever since. The bothering had become consistently on, so we decided it was time to do something about it.

I’m a wimp, and thankfully my mom completely understands this, so we had it done at a place where they would sedate me. (Getting the appointment was a saga in and of itself. It was almost a comedy of errors, except I really didn’t find it funny. But eventually it worked out.) As a result, it was significantly less uncomfortable than the original filling had been. I was actually awake most of the time, but I was way more relaxed than I should have been laying with some unwieldy contraption keeping my mouth open for four and a half hours.

I felt fairly alert when it was all finished. Then I tried to get up and realized I wasn’t. My ability to walk steadily was highly questionable. I went home and slept for three hours. It was great. By evening I could walk fine, but I didn’t trust my balance enough to take a shower, which I wanted to do, and I took three trips upstairs with stuff that needed carried to my bedroom. And I am firmly of the One Trip mindset.

It was an interesting experience. My mouth is still a little sore, but there is definite improvement. I’m glad to have the tooth taken care of.


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