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A few years ago, my friend Maria and I made up our very own dictionary. The last time we were together, we were reminiscing about this and ended up creating another one. Somehow it also came up that they could make fun blog posts. So have the first one. Some of the definitions are inside jokes that may not make much sense, but others are amusing by themselves. Do note the last entry in the “T” section.

American Girl Dolls – They just keep multiplying!
Apples to Apples – A game best played with two silent companions

Boots – Footwear certain people think belongs on the table

Camper – The place we ice skate
Cardinals – The best baseball team
Cleaning – Eating the brownie batter
Countdowns – Countdowns are nice. They keep getting smaller, EVERY DAY!!!

Detectives – People in black coats

Exercise – Taking a turn about the room

Flannel Shirts – Very fashionable clothing
Flynn Rider – Jadin in cartoon

Grammar Checks – A prophetic apple

Hats – Would you prefer an army one or a Santa Claus one?

Inside a Car – A place best friends will put up with for hours to see each other

Jumping Out of Speeders – “I hate it when he does that!”

Key – Something the doorkeeper finds when someone threatens to tear his arms out

Laughter – Something that prolongs your lifespan
Lembas – We ate four
Leonardo da Vinci – The man who opened a door
Lothlórien – A place behind Maria’s house
Loyal – Samwise Gamgee

Mashed Potatoes – A prophetic Apples to Apples card
Motivation – Going to England to talk to the British Consul

Narnia – A place that is not in our wardrobes… yet

Opera – Only good when coupled with the alphabet

Phase 10 – A game that is never finished

Quotes – The best weapons

Riding Lessons – Please stop raining!

Stan Hywet Hall – The REAL Magician’s Mansion
Swords – Weapons that are much better than guns

Telepathy – “I never thought about that before!”
Torture – Waiting seven months for a movie
Tragical – Not having seen Tangled
Transporter – Something that needs to be invented NOW
Trash man – A person believed to be a trash can by their assistant
Tuesday – A day on which many exciting things happen

Umbrellas – What every lucky fellow has

Vladamir – Don’t steal his ceramic unicorns

WAAA – A magical word for turning on lights
Wal-Mart – A GREAT place for Lord of the Rings quotes
Wilma – She remembers everything like it was yesterday

X – A letter we needed to think of a word for but couldn’t

Yawns – They’re very catchy

Zimbabwe – Well, it starts with a z!


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