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The End of NaNoWriMo, and Other Thoughts on Writing

November is over. So is NaNoWriMo. I’m good with that. I was ready for it to be over.

My story this year… Well, it is terrible, frankly. I can think of two lines from it that I liked. However, I think it did actually have some surprisingly good ideas develop over the month. They might be worth revisiting. But if that happens, I will start completely from scratch. There is far too much rambling in what I wrote last month for it to be salvageable.

On to other thoughts.

Before NaNo started this year, I edited my bio on the website because I am no longer a college student. In said bio there was a sentence that read, “Although I love making up stories and writing, I have trouble making myself actually sit down and write on a regular basis.” I had to add a parenthetical “except”, because this is no longer true.

Some friends and I have developed this wonderful group of characters about whom we write stories. There are 11 characters in the Clan, plus various in-laws and villains and a passel of children (though, in my head, at least, we aren’t quite to the kids in the timeline, but we’re getting close).

We write stories about them a lot. I checked my list, and there are 150 stories on it, and that list is far from exhaustive. (I’ve fallen behind in my list keeping, and there’s not time to fix it at the moment. If I do so later tonight, I may edit the updated number in.) A lot of those are less than a page in length, but a good number of them are fairly substantial. (If you happen to want to read some, I would probably let you if you asked.)

It’s an incredible thing that I never could have imagined. Since the characters are already developed, I can have an idea for a short story, write it, and share it with people who will enjoy it in less than a day. It’s such a cool feeling.

And I kept this up during NaNo. In November, aside from 50,000 some words on that story, I wrote 8,131 words on Clan stories (I checked). Purely because I wanted to.

I’ve learned more about writing by working on stories with a couple friends than I ever did in my college Creative Writing class. I’ve also learned a lot about those friends and a lot about myself. It has been fascinating.


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