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Another NaNoWriMo

So this post is a week late, but last week’s post had been put off several times for other things, so I decided this one could wait, too.

It’s National Novel Writing Month again! This means lots of writers (including me) frantically scrambling to write at least 50,000 words in November.

Though there are also those writers (not including me) who have already hit 50,000 words…

Anyway. The story I wanted to work on – and have wanted to work on for the past couple years, actually – is not ready to be written. Which is my own fault; I haven’t taken the time to sit down and plot it out in detail. I know from experience that stories I do not plot ahead of time don’t turn out very well, and I care too much about this story to subject it to that.

So for this NaNo, I ended up picking a writing prompt I’ve wanted to explore for a long time but that I’m not as emotionally attached to. So even though it’s not turning out wonderfully, I’m mostly okay with that. It has still been fun to write.

And I’m still on schedule with my word count.


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