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Switchfoot Doesn’t Sing About Elusive Engagement Rings

The past week has been the fourth annual road trip with my friend GG to visit our friends D and Gaby. (Read about previous visits here, here, and here.) GG and I took off for (unfortunately) warmer climates last Wednesday. The drive to D’s house was uneventful, though quite enjoyable. We didn’t quite make it through an enormous playlist of songs related to a group of fictional characters we have created, though we also didn’t start the playlist until partway through the trip.

As usual, we did way too many awesome things during the week. To explain the title of this post, I’ll start with some of the games we played.

A constant favorite is Apples to Apples. Usually during this game we role play as various fictional characters. Two characters we used a lot this year were Jason and Nicolle, a couple from the stories D writes. Early on in the week, Jason was judging for the green card “Elusive” and Nicolle played “Engagement Rings”. This provided excellent fodder for tormenting Jason about how it was about time he proposed, and elusive engagement rings became a running gag.

Another game we like is Encore, where you sing songs that include a specified word or category, though we’ve given up trying to play exactly according to the rules. During the second game, D repeatedly lamented the fact that Switchfoot didn’t sing about the words that came up.

Friday and Saturday we picked up Gaby and she was part of our adventures. These included going to the mall, where we visited two stores. The first was Barnes & Noble. D purchased a stuffed dragon which was instantly dubbed Smaug. I bought the most wonderful picture book I have ever encountered. Later I ended up “reading” it to GG and Gaby, who were pretending to be my somewhat obnoxious but greatly beloved children.

The second store was Yankee Candle. There GG acquired a wonderful-smelling Mountain Lodge candle. We named him Richard Christopher Evans (for Reasons), and he caused all sorts of hilarious shenanigans. According to the Doctor Who Mad Libs we did, he even created the Daleks.

At various times throughout the week, D gave us dramatic readings from her extensive collection of journals. These are always highly entertaining and sometimes enlightening.

After church Sunday, we went to lunch with D’s friend Sophie. We had tons of fun visiting with her.

Monday morning we played one last game of Apples to Apples before reluctantly leaving. The drive back was much more eventful than the drive down, mainly because we stopped at Gaby’s school and picked her up and spent about three hours sitting in Chipotle talking. But we also ran into a dramatic storm that had us crawling for quite a while. We got back to my house around 2:40 in the morning and collapsed into bed.

As always, it was a fabulous trip. I really didn’t want it to end.


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