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Be a Man – Church Camp Edition

Last week I was working at church camp, hence the lack of a blog post. As usual, I was a girls’ counselor. And as usual, there were beehoppers in the cabins.

Beehoppers are not a real thing. Or, well, they are, but nobody outside of our camp knows them by that name. They’re some sort of cricket or grasshopper, but their back end is black and yellow, so someone dubbed them beehoppers.

I will admit that the things are ugly and icky. I don’t want one in my bed while I’m sleeping. But they have never hurt anyone. Still, there are always girls who freak out about them. In the course of attempting to help them through this, the song “Be a Man” from Mulan came up. And so this happened at skit night. (I’m one of the ones singing. Enjoy watching me purposely make a fool of myself in public; it doesn’t happen often.)


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