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And the Point Was…?

I almost blew my horn at someone while driving today. I chickened out at the last second, but I came really close.

I was on my way home from work and sitting at a red light. As my light turned green, someone out in the intersection waiting to turn left did so to get out of the way. Then I started moving – and someone else whipped out in front of me to make a left, too.

You know their light was thoroughly red. They weren’t catching the tail end of a yellow light. They weren’t just getting out of the way of traffic. They were blatantly running a red light.

I was paying attention, and I hadn’t gotten very far, so I only had to tap on my breaks. It wasn’t actually a big deal. But it could have been.

So then I’m driving behind them, annoyed and wishing I’d just blown my horn the way I wanted to and halfheartedly thinking that maybe there’s some emergency so they’re in a hurry because that’s faintly possible though not likely and trying not to get more annoyed. Then, not two minutes later, we get to the next intersection, where they turn into the Giant Eagle parking lot.

Oh. Wow. Look at that. Look how much more quickly you got to the grocery store by breaking the law and endangering my life. I am so impressed.

(Sometimes my sarcasm overwhelms even me.)

It’s not worth it, people.

Drive safe.


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