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I finished college back in December, and my diploma came in the mail in February, but my school is too small to have a ceremony for December graduates, so Saturday was my graduation ceremony.

Friday evening we had a dinner with various extended family members and my favorite teacher and his wife. I hadn’t seen some of these people in quite a while, and it was nice to visit with them.

IMG_3459I got the best graduation present in the history of graduation presents. I really wasn’t expecting anything big. Well. My parents and grandmother bought me the painting that I fell in love with when I went to my friend Maria’s senior art show. I had no idea. I knew the painting had sold, but in my mind, it was safely in the possession of some other lucky person.

I have never been so surprised. I cried. And kept tearing up whenever I thought about it for a long time.

The actual graduation ceremony was somewhat more exciting than I expected. The whole cap and gown thing was oddly fun, though mainly I’m proud of the summa cum laude cord. That I’m definitely keeping. Who knows what will happen to the rest of the paraphernalia.

I somehow ended up being the first of the undergraduates to walk across the stage. I have it on good authority that the person reading names mispronounced my middle name – and then corrected it – but I was distracted getting hugs from a couple favorite teachers and didn’t notice at all.

So. There it is. I am now officially edjumicated.

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