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How to Write a Blog Post

Step 1: Realize you don’t know what to write about.

Step 2: Open a new post anyway.

Step 3: Stare at blank post.

Step 4: Play some Mahjong/FreeCell/Solitaire/Minesweeper/time-killing game of your choice in hopes that a brilliant idea will strike you. In reality, your mind will drift to completely unrelated things which are no help whatsoever.

Step 5: Stare at blank post.

Step 6: Look through some lists of “unique” blog post ideas you found on Google. All but roughly three items will be uninspiring and/or the same as the items on every other list. The remaining three ideas will probably be things that do not fit your blog.

Step 7: Stare at blank post.

Step 8: Reorganize that one folder of bookmarks you’ve been meaning to deal with for ages.

Step 9: Stare at blank post.

Step 10 (optional): Bang your head on the desk in hopes of shaking the contents enough to bring an idea to the top.

Step 11: Just write something because you have to get this done and move on with your life. This drabble will probably be your most viewed and appreciated post of the month, while the deep thoughts you have been carefully crafting in your head for half a year will be barely acknowledged when you finally work up the courage and energy to post them.


3 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Post

  1. The same method and reaction applies to creating art, too. How nice we have both discovered the same wonderful method!

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