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Minor Life Events

Nothing tremendously exciting. But I don’t have much blogging inspiration today.

I spent most of last week down at my school helping with Expressions. I’d kind of decided not to go, but the director asked me to come run the lights. So I did. I had never even touched a light board before, but someone taught me the basics, and I glanced at bits of the instruction booklet and messed with things enough to get it to do what I needed.

I also discovered the blackout button. Accidentally. In the middle of the show Thursday night. But I figured out what had happened pretty quickly and fixed it.

Running the lights was kind of neat, but I was also a bit bored. That only took up a few hours in the evenings, and while Expressions can pretty good, all three shows and two full rehearsals is definitely enough times to watch it in one week.

My two favorite lines:

“I want to marry him, not kill him!”
“Bah! What’s the difference?”

“I’ve tried all the online dating sites. eHarmony,, World of Warcraft…”

My laptop started acting up last week. It was running beyond ridiculously slowly. But it seems to be improving. I can actually do multiple things at a time without it freezing for several minutes. There was a while where even doing one thing was pushing it. So hopefully whatever was wrong isn’t something permanent. I’m fond of my laptop. I’m used to it. We understand each other’s quirks. I don’t want to need a different one.

I got a tiny job. A lady mom worked with who lives not far from us needed someone to put her two little boys on the bus a couple mornings a week. So that’s what I’m going to be doing with some of my life right now. I went over to meet the boys yesterday, and this morning the younger one wanted to know if I was coming today, which I was not. Apparently I made an acceptable impression in the roughly one minute that I talked to him.

I am now going to go prepare to watch Forever. The one station our TV picks up actually has a show I like to watch. So I can keep up with it. This is a new development in my life, and I find it rather exciting.
Update: Something related to the Oscars has taken my show’s slot. I am trying not to be miffed. With limited success.


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