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Favorite Games

While playing games with my family tonight, I mentioned that I still needed to write a blog post. My mom suggested writing about the game we were playing at the moment, and that seemed like a good idea, but I wasn’t sure I could get an entire post about it. So I’m expanding it to include some other favorite games. These are in no particular order, and I’m quite possibly leaving something out.

Finish Lines
I don’t think I have ever encountered anyone else who knows what this game is. It has a set of cards containing quotes in different categories. You are given the first part of the quote, and you have to finish it. This is what we were playing tonight; Mom and I like that it’s one of the few games she and I can consistently win against the men of our household.

Apples to Apples
Who doesn’t like making combinations such as fat and sassy guardian angels? Though I’ll admit that it’s been ages since I’ve played Apples to Apples normally. Generally I’m either playing with fictional characters or as fictional characters. Or both. And I no longer know what to do when playing with people who think the game is over when someone gets four green cards; it’s hardly begun!

Casually solving murder mysteries is definitely a good use of one’s time, you know. I’m not always very good at this game, but I always enjoy it. I like to be Professor Plum – partly because he’s a professor, partly because he wears purple, which is my favorite color.

Phase 10
Much of the reason I like this game is that it has sentimental value. It was the game several friends and I would start at that unfortunate time in sleepovers when parents were about to show up, and we never seemed to be able to finish it. But it’s a fun game aside from that. It’s a good mix of requiring thought but not too much thought.

Yeah, this is all my brain wants to come up with. I’m certainly leaving something out. But hey. It’s late. I’m tired. I need to get this posted. Enjoy this glimpse into my life.


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