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My Dear Elf Friend

Today I am busy. And, as I mentioned last week, Maria is visiting. So, for the first time ever, I have a guest blogger. I have no idea what Maria is going to talk about. But enjoy.

Hello, everyone. Maria here. I debated for a long time over what to write about. I could tell you funny stories about your host (“Zella”), I could tell you funny stories about nothing in particular, or hey, I could just spout off “wisdom.” But in the end I settled on an epic fantasy adventure that Zella and I may or may not have shared. In honor of The Hobbit coming out tonight.

It all started on a sunny Friday during some month of the year which I cannot now remember. I sat at a table filled with all my little fellow homeschooled hobbits, awaiting the commencement of the day’s adventures. Of course, no hobbit is truly prepared for the adventures which befall him, because he is so comfortable in his unmomentous life. That day, I was simply not expecting anything spectacular.

Until she walked in.

She too was a hobbit of sorts. But it was clear from the graceful way she carried herself that she bore some elvish ancestry. I decided right then that we needed to be friends, and as soon as I knew her name (which is for me to know and you to ponder) it was so. In no time we really were living adventures together. We would weather terrific storms, bundled with our dolls in the basement. We would go gallivanting about the countryside as elvish cowboys, chasing and catching chickens. We solved our own mysteries, dressed in matching blue gowns, and slaughtered and ate the fish we caught in a mysterious blue, jiggly substance. (In this world, they call it jello.)

But one day, my fair elf friend informed me that it was time for her to sail to the undying lands.

Our friendship did not end. Rather, it grew. We now had to organize real adventures in order to spend time together. And so we did; we spent weeks at a time together now, weeks filled with all kinds of real adventures such as boating with only lembas bread to sustain us, sword-fighting in the forest, knothole gazing, dancing, and fording the Brandywine River.

Is this a true story? It’s probably exactly what went through our heads as we enjoyed so many of these activities together. It’s something like what happened. But it is absolutely true that we have had countless wonderful adventures together, and our friendship has only grown with trials such as time and distance. I could never have asked for a better, truer friend. Hopefully we all have that person in our lives whom we can trust to be there for us in thick or thin, make us laugh, inspire us to be the best we can be, make us feel loved, and shine Christ’s light and love to us in their own unique way. That’s who Zella is to me.

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