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Odd Things For Which I’m Thankful

  • Adblock on internet browsers. I forget that things like advertisements before videos on Youtube exist.
  • French Fried Onions. Because French Fried Onions are delicious.
  • My favorite pencil. It just fits in my hand so perfectly.
  • That I live in an age where regular bathing is a thing.
  • The hooks in bathroom stalls and the tiny strap on my backpack that have faithfully held up my sometimes ridiculously heavy backpack through three and a half years of college
  • The squiggly red line that alerts me to spelling errors.
  • Inside jokes. Because how else can you say something as simple as, “Mashed potatoes,” and make someone laugh?
  • Apples to Apples. I cannot tell you how much amusement I have gotten out of Apples to Apples.
  • Spam comments on my blog. Sometimes they’re really funny.
  • To quote myself from a conversation with a couple friends: “I feel the need to say that I appreciate that we’re the type of people who discuss what sort of titles fictional characters from space would use with each other in Japanese at almost 2 in the morning.”
  • Sarcasm. If I could not use sarcasm, my communication with others would be cut in half. At least.
  • Toes. They’re very useful for picking things up.
  • My favorite math equation: 3×7=21
  • Sandals. They’re a socially acceptable way of almost having bare feet in public.

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