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Rest and Relaxation

It’s a long stretch from the beginning of a fall semester to Thanksgiving. Thirteen weeks for me this year. Since I get the whole week of Thanksgiving off, I don’t have a fall break. And my college doesn’t seem to believe in three-day weekends.

So I gave myself one. I went home Friday morning, and I didn’t come back until yesterday evening.

I only have one Monday class, so I didn’t miss a whole lot. But it was still rather refreshing.

Today has been odd. It feels like Monday, but I’ve been doing Tuesday things.

I didn’t do a whole lot with my long weekend. The only homework I had to do was finishing some coloring (yes, as in with crayons). My dad spruced up my laptop. I ate my fill of taco soup and seven layer cookies and other not-cafeteria food. I enjoyed the new Yellowcard album.

It was a nice break. Not perfect. I still don’t want to be doing homework. But it helped.

Five more weeks.

Then two.

Then finals.

I can do that.

I hope.


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