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Generous Deeds

Many people seem to have a reluctance to give money to people who need help. It’s an attitude that bothers me.

Their reasoning usually goes something like this: I don’t know this person. I don’t know if they actually need help. If they do, and I give them money, I don’t know if they’re actually going to use it to help themselves or if they’re going to go buy drugs with it or some such irresponsible thing.

Are there people who will misuse the assistance given them? Sure. That unfortunately seems to be part of the world.

My question is: so what?

There are multiple Bible verses about helping the poor. I can’t recall any of them being qualified by the requirement that you must first ensure that those you help are going to correctly use the help you provide.

I would so much rather help someone who decided to abuse my kindness than not give assistance to someone who would have used it responsibly because I’m overly concerned about what the outcome will be.

While reading The Return of the King lately, I came across a statement that summed up my thoughts on this subject perfectly. At one point, Pippin offers his service to Denethor, who, frankly, is not a very nice person and really doesn’t deserve Pippin’s service. But when Gandalf is talking to Pippin about it later, he says, “I did not hinder it, for generous deed should not be checked by cold council.”

Don’t let your generous deeds be checked by cold council.


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