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Last Batch of Classes

Well, that title was lovely to type.

Yes, this is my last semester of college.

Humanities Practicum
This isn’t exactly a class. It’s more like an internship and a few papers. And actually, I did the internship part over the summer – I used the week I spent at church camp. So I’m almost finished with it. Which is nice. It let me take the 15 credit hours my scholarship would cover in one semester, but I don’t have to do the 100ish hours of practicum work during the semester, and I only have 12 credit hours worth of homework.

I didn’t want to take this class. It wasn’t on the list I was given of classes I had to take. But according to the registrar, it is required for my major. Thankfully, it was being offered this semester. And it’s with a teacher I like, so that helps. And I would so much rather take it here than at a secular college.

This is the most awkward name for a class ever. It’s a literature class. It’s fine. I actually have some friends in this class; I generally don’t really know people outside of Bible and psychology classes. I haven’t really liked anything we’ve read so far, but maybe that will change.

Group Dynamics
I’m kind of torn on what I think of this class. I’m not sure I like the way it’s structured. But as far as the material goes, it’s been unexpectedly fascinating. It might be my favorite psychology topic I’ve encountered. I keep reading things in the textbook and going, “Oh, that part of my life makes sense now!”

Introduction to Missions
I didn’t have any great desire to take this particular class, but it was the only one my favorite teacher was teaching that I hadn’t taken. I’d had him every semester before, and I didn’t want to break the streak. It’s worth it.

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