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We’re On Parade!

Last Tuesday, I was visiting my friend D with GG, as we’ve done for the past two years. I don’t have every detail recorded like D does, but allow me to explain some of the awesomeness. No, no, it’s too long; let me sum up.

It started, of course, with a ten hour road trip on Friday. Which in turn started with GG giving me a story to read in which she had, in an alternate universe, killed my favorite of her fictional characters. She had very conveniently finished it the night before. It was traumatic. I may never recover. *Mutters* Kieran’s certainly never going to recover…

But we also did more cheerful things. Like listening to music. (Okay, that part wasn’t always cheerful. Between the two of us, we have quite a collection of depressing songs. But we didn’t listen to The Saddest Song We’ve Ever Heard.) And filming random things. And chattering. By the time we were arriving at D’s house, it was dark. And there was lightning. But no thunder. We were driving right toward it. It looked like Mordor. We were rather disturbed.

But we apparently didn’t go far enough to arrive in Mordor, and we got to D’s house safely. We didn’t have time to do a whole lot that night, but D still got several pages of notes of awesome things.

The next day, we went to visit another friend of ours. On the trip, we listened to Sandra Boynton songs (the title of this post comes from one of them) and VeggieTales. This other friend had just moved into her college. The place was huge. It was practically its own city. I was a bit disturbed. But we had a blast. We went to a park and played Apples to Apples. We went to Wendy’s and enjoyed the air conditioning. We went back to the school and all wrote for a while. GG declared that we were probably odd for thinking this particular group activity was wonderful.

Other specific awesome things… Sunday at church we got to meet more of D’s friends, whom she had told us all about. One night we went to a mall, where I ended up buying a small set of Apples to Apples, because we had decided we needed to get a set for the purpose of crossing out all the boring people and replacing them with people (well, fictional characters) and other things we wanted. So we did. It turned into… an interesting deck. :D We went to Chick-fil-A, which was very nostalgic for D. We also went to Target. I’m not sure if there was a reason. We walked the dog with D’s sister a couple times. I’m quite fond of their dog.

Other than that… we played a lot of games. Like Clue. I somehow won most of those games. And Encore. I’m not sure we actually kept track of who won those. And a few others. But mostly various versions of Apples to Apples. As fictional characters, of course. At one point, we did a round where we were each a fictional character and ourselves. It was hard to get back the mindset of playing the cards I would choose. We had a lot of awesome combinations, as always, but by far the favorite was Fat & Sassy Guardian Angels. Just take a moment to imagine that.

D did dramatic readings from a phone book. Which GG brought along just so that would happen.

We did some therapy for a few fictional characters. And filmed it, of course.

We played with My Little Ponies. We also filmed that. It was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I tell you! Genius, I say!

GG made fantastic notes based on things that happened while we were there, and we hid them throughout D’s room. I took pictures of them. I’m very glad to have pictures.

GG had printed out formal apology forms, and we filled them out, mostly for fictional characters, but there were a few to each other for odd reasons.

But eventually GG and I had to leave. The leaving on Wednesday was very sad, but the following road trip was again a lot of fun. We filmed more random things. Including a love song D will very much appreciate. (Heh. I can’t even keep a straight face while typing it.) GG actually ran out of music she needed to introduce me to. It was a momentous occasion.

Then GG stayed at my house that night. We watched Ever After, which is a lovely movie; I always forget just how many excellent lines are in it. And we had some… fun conversations before we finally fell asleep. :D

It was a lovely week(ish). I had entirely too much fun. I miss my excellent friends already.


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