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Skip Nine

Skipping the Ninth Doctor is kind of a big no-no in the world of Doctor Who fans. Frankly, I’m not sure why.

This is not because I dislike Nine. I don’t. He’s fantastic. Allow me to explain.

When I started watching Doctor Who, I was rather overwhelmed. There were decades worth of episodes. I knew next to nothing about the show. I like to start at the very beginning of things and go in order, but that wasn’t very practical. Where on earth was I supposed to start?

I asked a friend about it, and she told me to start with the Tenth Doctor. Story-wise, I’m not so sure it was the best idea; I was plopped right into the middle of a story arc, and I was terribly confused for the first half of my first episode. But I picked up on enough to get over it, and looking back, I’m glad Ten was my first Doctor.

I did go back and watch Nine’s season after I’d gotten through Ten and what there was of Eleven. After I did so, I understood Ten a whole lot better.

But you know what made me understand Nine a whole lot better? Going back and watching the episodes of the eight Doctors who came before him.

I mean, just look at his name. Don’t Skip Nine should imply:

Don’t Skip Eight

Don’t Skip Seven

Don’t Skip Six

Don’t Skip Five

Don’t Skip Four

Don’t Skip Three

Don’t Skip Two

Don’t Skip One

So you know what? Skip whomever you like. Start wherever you like. Don’t get mad at people who don’t start where you do. All the Doctors are worthy of being someone’s first.


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