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A Decade

A decade is a neat amount of time to have had something when you’ve only lived through two.IMG_0217

I have a new such item. In 2005, after I’d been going a few years, my church camp started giving Bibles to all the campers. I’ve been there every year since, and last week was my tenth year with this Bible. (And yes, I was actually there in 2009, they just never passed out the stickers. I was slightly miffed.)

IMG_0218I used this Bible regularly for many years. It shows. It used to have “Holy Bible” and my camp’s symbol on the front in bright gold. It’s rather faded now, and some of the gold is completely gone. The edges are faded and stained. Some of it has been taped together, and it’s still in a few pieces.

IMG_0219It has now been retired for use only at church camp; it won’t matter if it gets more messed up in all the dirt and stuff there. Besides, it kind of belongs there. I have a lot of Bibles, but this one has more history than most of them do.


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