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What Not to Wear

I’ve been on a What Not to Wear kick lately. My brother commented that it really doesn’t seem like my type of show, and he’s right; for the most part, I much prefer fiction. And the first time I heard about the show, I didn’t think it sounded like something I would ever like. But I do like it.

In case you don’t know, for this show, people nominated women in their lives who dressed… shall we say… badly. The hosts, Stacy and Clinton, would throw away their entire wardrobe, teach them how to dress better, and give them money with which to purchase a new wardrobe in New York City.

The clothing part is interesting, but my favorite is the part where they have professionals do the woman’s hair and teach her how to do her makeup. It tends to make me teary. Because this is when, for the most part, the women get it. They learned a lot with the clothing part, but when the hair or makeup stylist turns them around to see themselves in the mirror, they are usually astounded.

Oh. I am beautiful! I am valuable! I am worthy of the time it takes to take care of myself!

Should your only value come from your looks? No. Certainly not. No one on the show tries to say that. But God created your body. That alone should give it value. And recognizing that value can be life changing.


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