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In case anyone’s curious.

Introduction to Counseling Theories and Practices
This is an 8 AM Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. I am somewhat less than thrilled about that. But it is the last class I need for my minor, and I’m pretty sure I put it off last spring because it was at the same time. So, yay. But it is, at least, an enjoyable class. I like the teacher. I’m glad of that. A boring 8 AM class would be worse.

Daniel – Revelation
I saw this class on the schedule when I was registering for my first spring semester. But it is a 400 level class, and I was a freshman, so I figured taking it might not be the wisest idea. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. It’s only offered every other spring, so this was my next chance. My favorite teacher teaches it, so that’s also good. I’m enjoying it so far.

Major World Religions
At the beginning of the semester, there were 47 people in this class. I kid you not, that is about 10% of the student population here. At this point, I know some people have dropped, so it’s not quite as big any more, but it’s still by far the biggest class I’ve ever had. We’re currently learning about Judaism. We’ll be going on a field trip to a Jewish synagogue. That should be interesting.

Young Adult Literature
I like this class. It’s enjoyable. We have fun discussions. We have nine required books to read, and then we’re supposed to read 20 others that we choose. That sounds like a lot, but I figured it out, and it’s about how many I read in a semester anyway. Do you know what that means? It means I’m getting credit for doing something I would do anyway for fun. It’s kind of awesome. It makes it difficult to want to do other homework, I’ll tell you.

Senior Seminar
This class seems kind of pointless. I’m supposed to do all these papers and projects related to the vocation I want. Well, really, I want to be a stay-at-home mother. Which is not the sort of vocation these projects are geared toward. But I have to take it to graduate.

That unintentionally ended on a somewhat dreary note. So here’s a pretty song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.


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