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Almost Snow Day

I dream of having a snow day. Today, that dream almost came true. My school canceled morning classes, and my only class on Tuesdays is in the morning. It was wonderful. I did go to chapel, but that’s not difficult.

I’ve had a nice, relaxing day. I somehow don’t have much homework this week. Well, I am doing quite a bit of reading for my Young Adult Lit class, but those are fun books, so that’s something I like, so I don’t mind.

This evening I’m going to watch some Doctor Who. A Seventh Doctor episode. Seven is one of my very favorites. I love the way he dramatically rolls his r’s when he wants to make a point. I have seen almost all of the classic episodes. It’s going to be strange when I’ve finished.

Speaking of Doctor Who, my parents got me a wonderful Doctor Who shirt for Christmas, but it was too big, so we had to exchange it. I got the new one today. I know what I’m wearing tomorrow.

I love the smell of new t-shirts.

Just, you know, in case you were dying to know that.


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