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Research Projects

Several weeks ago, my mom and I went to Starbucks so I could do research.

Research for NaNoWriMo, that is. Yep, I’m doing that 50,000-word-novel-in-a-month thing again.

My story this year is called The Dead Clock. I was actually quite unprepared this time. My main character didn’t even have a last name until a couple days before November. It came from someone on the prayer list at church. Sad for that person, but happy for me. I really don’t know where this story is going. Except that it’s going to involve time travel. No idea what the ending will be…

Anyway, I knew one scene before I started. That main character (Michael) was going to meet the other main character (Samantha, goes by Sam) in Starbucks. She was going to run into him and make him spill his coffee, much to his dismay, as he had just spent his extra money for the week on that coffee. Things would escalate from there.

Thing is, I had gone to Starbucks twice in my life. Once was through the drive through with a friend’s family. The other time my aunt and I went in to get me some hot tea because I had a cold. I wouldn’t say either of those gave me quite the right experience. So I wanted to go in and actually sit in there while drinking something.

Neither of us got coffee; I wasn’t going that far. A drink that expensive was going to be something I actually liked (and let me tell you, I like chai tea lattes). I took notes. There were gift cards that said, “In celebration of diversity, this card says Starbucks in Braille.” That went in the story. You can’t make stuff like that up. Besides, it fit Sam perfectly.

Why can’t school research projects be that fun (and yummy)?


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