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World Mission Workshop

This weekend, my school is taking a bus down to Oklahoma to go to the annual World Mission Workshop. It’s a 17-hour trip. One way. With almost 50 other people.

I might survive.

I’m taking lots of books. And several batteries for my MP3 player. And food. And some homework.

I feel like I’ll still be either bored or overwhelmed. I love road trips, I really do, but 17 hours is a long time.

If you’re having an observant day, you might have noticed that I don’t seem very excited about this trip. I’m not. And I feel kind of guilty about that, because lots of other people are excited, and it seems like the sort of thing I should be excited about. But I’m mainly going because it’s by far the simplest option for a class project I have to do. (With the added bonus that now people aren’t bugging me about how I should be going.) I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it. I’m just not jumping-up-and-down, counting-down-the-days excited.

Actually, that’s not a good comparison. Very few things make me that excited.

Anyway. I’m not taking my computer. So I probably won’t be around on the internet for a few days. We’re leaving around midnight tomorrow night, and we’ll be back Sunday afternoon.

I’m not really sure how to end this post. I think I’m going to go eat a brownie. Enjoy the rest of your day.


One thought on “World Mission Workshop

  1. Chocolate makes everything better! I got home from Kohl’s and said to Dad, “you didn’t happen to make chocolate chip cookies or anything, did you?” He didn’t. Sigh.

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