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I’m Just Going to Ramble Here…

… because I haven’t been very productive tonight and I have a paper I need to write for tomorrow, so I don’t really have the time to come up with something cohesive and profound. I did sit outside for a while and read. That was very good for my mood, but not so good for homework. Or the dishes I need to wash. I’m out of clean spoons. And my one mug is dirty. I’m kind of craving tea. I need to bring more mugs when I go home for the weekend. I had two last year, but one of them ran away.

I discovered this website today. It’s beautiful.

Today I had a paper due in my Walking for Health and Fitness class. Let that sink in for a moment. A paper. For a gym class. It was only a one page, double-spaced paper, but it’s the principle of the thing. I was not very excited by that project.

Last night, in my Children’s Ministry class, my school’s president came to speak. The teacher of this class is an elementary school teacher, and there are several students who want to be teachers. As the president was talking about how Christian teachers are an important part of ministry, I realized that I was wearing my shirt that says, “Unsocialized Homeschooler: Interact or communicate at your own risk!” I was slightly embarrassed.

I’m currently reading His Last Bow (one of the Sherlock Holmes books) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Today I came across this sentence: “Three days of absolute fast does not improve one’s beauty, Watson.” Now, in context, it does make some sense. But it made me laugh.

Have you ever been alone in a really quiet room and heard a kind of, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” whistling noise? On Monday (or was it Friday? I think it might have been Friday…) my Biological Psychology teacher said you’re hearing your neurons firing when that happens. ISN’T THAT COOL?! I was terribly excited by this bit of information.

One of my posters randomly fell down the other night. Thankfully I wasn’t asleep yet, and it didn’t land on me. But it was still rather startling. And now it’s taking up my whole desk space. (I’ve actually been using my desk for homework sometimes this year. Be impressed.)

I’ve been teaching myself to make origami lotus flowers. I found a pattern online. Then one day I was bored and found the link I’d saved, so I made one. Then I made two. Then three. Then I had to go to class. Now there are eight sitting on my desk and one made from a gum wrapper somewhere in the bottom of my purse. And I haven’t yet been home to pull out the origami paper I have from an old kit to try it with that (which I think will be easier, as it’s much thinner than normal paper). They’re kind of addicting. And not too terribly difficult.

So I have a new roommate this year because my old one transferred. I miss her, but my new roommate and I have gotten along fine. But see, I used to live at the far end of the second floor. Now I’m in the first room on the first floor (on the other side of the hall, too). I’ve gotten used to it now, but everything is backwards. Everything. The door handle. The sink. The bathroom doors. Everything. It was weird. But the strangest thing of all didn’t really have anything to do with that, but how our room is set up. My bed has the opposite side facing the wall. That means my alarm clock is on the other side. So the first couple mornings, when it rang, I would wake up in that slight panic of trying to turn it off and just flail, trying to figure out in my still-mostly-asleep mind which way the sound was coming from. Is that where the wall is? Or is that where the wall used to be?! Ow, that’s hard, that must be the wall. Other side, then…

All right. This is actually fairly long now, and I do need to go write that paper, as it’s due tomorrow. So I shall sign off. Farewell, and may you find what you seek! Return with what speed you may, and let our swords hereafter shine together! (If you didn’t know, Éomer says that in The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien. I love the phrase, and this seemed like a good time to use it.)


One thought on “I’m Just Going to Ramble Here…

  1. Hi Zella! I actually experienced that sound in my head the other night! Neurons, huh? Thought it was tinnitus. Which is worse, I wonder?

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