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When Can I See You Again? is one of my favorite Owl City songs. Possibly my very favorite. It plays during the credits of Wreck-it Ralph, and that’s where I first heard it. I loved it from that moment. Recently, I noticed a line in the song that hadn’t really sunk in before:

Joined at the hip, yeah, your sidekick needs you.

We’re always talking about how heroes need their sidekicks. What would the Doctor be without his companions? Sherlock Holmes without Dr. Watson? Frodo without Sam? Other famous duos I’ll probably think of an hour after I post this?

But we don’t often talk about the sidekicks needing the heroes. The companions without the Doctor? Dr. Watson without Sherlock Holmes? Sam without Frodo?

Being more of a sidekick-type person,  let me tell you, I need the hero-type people in my life. What would sidekicks be like alone? They would still be great, interesting people, but we wouldn’t hear much about them. As wonderful as Sam is, Tolkien wouldn’t have written a story about him puttering around in gardens all his life.

But it’s not renown sidekicks need from heroes. Really, I don’t think all of them need or even want that; it’s just a side effect that some appreciate and others don’t.

Instead, there’s something deeper, more important, hard to put into words (but obviously, since I’m posting about it, I’m going to try). Perhaps the best way to say it is feeling needed. Knowing someone you love needs you – not just likes you, not just enjoys your company, but needs you – is a wonderful feeling. One of the best in the world. That’s why, as the song says, a sidekick needs their hero.


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