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That’s Rich

I spent most of the last week with my friends GG and D. To say we had a wonderful time would be an understatement.

We played lots of Clue.

And role play Apples to Apples. There was a character named Rich, and GG started saying, “That’s Rich,” about him. It became The Phrase For Every Occasion; hence my title.

We had therapy sessions for fictional characters. Thor became very attached to a panda pillow pet.

We met other awesome people.

And planned crossover fan fictions.

And walked in the rain.

And watched The Emperor’s New Groove.

GG and I hid notes all over D’s room (we’re not even sure how many), and sang Don’t Stop Believin’ dramatically as we drove. Twice.

And it was all so awesome I don’t really have the energy for a longer post.

Also. Just for GG. (Because, much to her distress, I started singing this song each time the card came up in Apples to Apples.)


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