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Alphabetical Advice

Idea from this helpful site.

Ambush a friend with a big hug.
e polite to the workers in stores, restaurants, etc. Who knows how many grumpy people they’ve already dealt with today?
omplaining about needing a haircut to someone with longer hair will probably just produce snickers, as will complaining about your age to someone older.
on’t sweat the small stuff – if it won’t matter in ten years, it doesn’t matter much now.
Eat a spoonful (or two) of raw cookie dough, because no matter how good the cookies are, the dough is better.
Fly once in awhile. The view is worth the hassle.
Go to the library often enough that you could almost find your favorite books with your eyes closed.
Hold a baby whenever you have a chance.
Invent house rules for board games.
Just be sometimes, even if people give you funny looks.
Keep several dollars in one of those hidden pockets in your winter coat. You’ll be excited to find it the next fall.
Look for ways to use big words in everyday conversation. Plethora. Defenestrate. Equivocation. Enjoy the blank looks.
Make cookies. And eat them. And share them.
Notice the verses the song leader always skips. They’re often just as meaningful – sometimes more so since you’re not familiar with them.
Open doors for others.
Pay the toll for the person behind you once in awhile. You’ll make their day. And probably yours, too.
Quote your favorite author frequently.
Read your Bible.
Storing something? Make a list. In a month, you won’t remember everything you put in storage.
Turn your music up a little louder when you’re in the car alone. Sing along.
Use an umbrella sometimes because they’re so much fun to twirl.
Voice your opinions if you like, but kindly, and be prepared to admit they are only opinions.
When you’re feeling sad for no apparent reason, watch a sad movie. Then you’ll have a reason.
Xanthippe – the wife of Socrates, proverbial as a scolding and quarrelsome woman. Don’t be like her.
Your friends are more important than housework.
Zicam really does seem to help if you’re catching a cold.


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