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In Which I Combine Three Post Ideas That Relate to This Being the Last Week of School

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful. – Gautama Buddha

More Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do During Finals Week

A continuation of last semester’s post.

Casually mention to a friend that you still haven’t seen the entire extended edition of The Return of the King. Laugh at her resulting shock. Watch the whole 4 hour-long (!!!!) movie (but at least I spread it out over two days). Cry a lot, as expected.

Don’t study for one of your finals. First time doing this (except for the final that consisted of brownies and fruit, but that doesn’t count). But I have no idea what’s going to be on the creative writing test at eight tomorrow morning (ick). The teacher was going to put the essay question outside her office, but it wasn’t there, and I can’t study what I don’t have. Oh, well.

Learn to write in Gallifreyan. Actually, this was my roommate (and then two other friends), not me. I’ve resisted so far. But the sirens are calling….

Attempt to finish watching all the Tenth Doctor’s episodes. Three to go. More crying, coming right up.

Identity Crisis

My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Bible and psychology. It’s sort of like a liberal arts degree. Nobody outside my school knows what it is, and I’ve even had someone who works here ask me what it is. *Sigh*

Because I’m usually taking several Bible classes, everyone thinks I’m a Bible major. And those who know I’m not are often trying to convert me.

However, one of my Bible teachers is always calling a friend and me the English majors. She was one once, but not any more, and the only English class I’ve taken is Creative Writing.

Also, I dropped the honors program this semester. It was quite freeing, because even though people kept telling me it wasn’t supposed to be more work, it was. But I still feel like an honors student; it’s weird.

So I’m not really sure what I am anymore!

Reasons I Love My School

I must admit, I don’t really like college any more. But I am fond of my school. Here are some reasons.

  • About half my teachers start classes with a prayer.
  • There are frequently more devos than a person has enough time to go to.
  • Navaho taco night at my favorite teacher’s house.
  • I have no idea what my student ID number is, but it doesn’t matter because people know my name anyway. One day I went to talk to a teacher I’d never had or interacted with much, and he not only knew my name, he spelled my last name correctly. And let me tell you, that’s no easy feat.
  • Even the president and vice president know me. And not just my name, but things about me, and everybody else. The vice president especially; he’s on campus all the time. In fact, last night I dreamt the school had replaced them and they had to leave – and it was a very distressing dream. How many schools can say their students would find that distressing?
  • All the classes are in one building.
  • Which is very close to most of the housing.
  • The faculty sets up a table of snacks during finals week.

That being said, I’m very glad the semester is almost over.


One thought on “In Which I Combine Three Post Ideas That Relate to This Being the Last Week of School

  1. LOL at spelling our last name right! I’m sorry you had a hard year. Hopefully the summer at home will be just the antidote you need. We’re looking forward to having you here with us. See you SOON!

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