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Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.

I like countdowns. Possibly a bit too much. I usually have several ticking off in my head. So here they are, along with several I figured out just for this post.

5 Creative Writing classes left this semester

22 classes total left this semester plus 5 finals

17 days until the semester is over

19 days until I go home

A little more than 3 months until my birthday

5 months and 22 days until the Celtic Thunder concert a friend and I are going to

7 months and 20 days until the second Hobbit movie

372 Doctor Who episodes left to watch

3 more semesters until I’ll have a bachelor’s degree

106 books to read this year to have read 150

Too much homework to do – always

2 thoughts on “5…4…3…2…1…

  1. This is great, Zella. You certainly are your mother’s daughter in this regard. I especially like the 19. It will be good to have you home.

  2. Are you ready for this semester to be over or what. It’s too long till the second Hobbit movie. I agree with mom. It will be great to have you home, Zella. How many Dr. Who episodes are there anyway?

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