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This past weekend was Expressions, which is my school’s annual, um, variety show, I suppose you could call it. Each of the social clubs puts on a 12-minute skit. This year the theme was Oh, What a Knight!

It wasn’t as stressful this year as last year. We had five weeks to get ready instead of three, so that helped a lot. And for some reason, it seemed much less competitive this year.

I was the narrator in Kappa’s skit. I was a tree last year. My acting career is blossoming. (I can’t take credit for that; my dad said it first.) I’ve been told I was good at it. It was fun. I loved my costume. Unfortunately, it was all borrowed. But I could probably replicate it fairly easily. It was kind of gypsy-ish.

At the end of the last dance, I had to run out and throw myself on my belly to prop my face on my hands and shout out the last line of the song. It was quite interesting. If I try to imagine how I would do it, I can’t – it’s just so not me – but I could do it in the middle of the action. And it wasn’t even too painful, except for the times my knees landed on the beads at the bottom of my skirt. That kind of hurt. But it was fun doing something like that I wouldn’t normally do.

Kappa didn’t win this year, but actually I think that’s a good thing. We had won for the past four years, and it was creating some bitterness. It was time to pass the torch to someone else for a year. And we did get second! And I was pleased to see that afterwards when we were cleaning up our stuff, everybody was still in a good mood and having fun even though our winning streak had just been broken. So much better than the pouting that probably would have been very easy.

But even though it was very fun, I’m glad it’s over. It takes so much time. And you still have to go to class and do homework. (Well, maybe not everyone feels they have to, but I do.) I was beat by the time the week was over. I still haven’t quite recovered. I’m glad it only happens once a year.


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