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Classes Again

Most of my classes this semester just kind of are. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either.

Creative Writing This class is an exception. I do not like it. I have theorized that even though I don’t remember doing so, I must have prayed for patience recently, and this class is God’s answer, because even though I’m usually pretty patient, I have trouble sitting through that class graciously. This is week six, and I don’t think I’ve learned anything. The teacher spends most of the time telling stories about her life or about people she knows or about stories that were in the news several decades ago. I appreciate a teacher getting off track for a few minutes as much as anyone, but when that is the norm – and in the class I was looking forward to learning things from – it annoys me. I don’t really even have any desire to impress the teacher anymore, which is often part of what drives me (even though that’s probably not the best motivation). I don’t say much, because I don’t really want to show that I’m annoyed, but I think it’s kind of sad when you get through a class some days by planning how you are nicely going to say you didn’t like it on the class evaluation at the end of the semester.

Intro to Biblical Languages This class is the other exception. It’s my favorite this semester, because it’s with my favorite teacher, and it’s the one I have a really good friend in. I can’t say that I always understand what we’re talking about, since I have a very loose grasp on English grammar rules, much less Greek grammar rules, but it’s a lot of fun. And so far I’ve managed to figure it out enough to do all right.

Family Systems This class is ok. The first book we had to read was horrid. It was about cybernetics, which is basically the study of systems, but is a very complex subject, and the writing style was very hard to understand. But generally when the teacher explained things, they mostly made sense, and I’m done reading the book now. (Yay!) So I think I’ll survive it.

Christian Thought Even though I like the teacher of this class, the class period always seems to last forever. I’m not sure why that is, but it does. But a lot of the stuff is very thought-provoking, even though I’m not always sure I agree with what the teacher says. But I’m enjoying the textbook. And this is the first class I’ve had where I stayed way ahead of the homework. It makes me feel productive, which is lots of fun.

Ministerial Counseling I quite admire the teacher of this class for his ability to keep the group of students under control without even saying anything. I don’t know how he does it, but it’s very impressive. The thing is, we have a group project.
I don’t like group projects. Especially ones where you get assigned a random topic and partner. (Incest and sexual abuse with a guy I don’t know. Not really what I envisioned doing with my life.) My partner and I were supposed to be presenting next Tuesday, so last Thursday I talked to him, and we agreed that we’d each find four or five sources and then meet today to talk about it. I’ll admit that that’s probably not as soon as we should have started. And I’ll also admit that I did nothing but wish I didn’t have to work on it until Sunday night. But I made sure I’d found my sources and read them and taken some notes by class today. I’d never heard from him about a time, so I asked if we were meeting today.
No, he had to work.
Well, did you read anything?
No, he didn’t know what to look for.
You do know we’re presenting a week from today, right?
No, he didn’t know that.
Did I mention that I don’t like group projects?
But anyway, I had some related questions to ask the teacher after class, and I found out that he had decided to push all the presentations back a week. So I feel much better. Because I know I would be able to be prepared by next Tuesday, but I’m not sure I could get my partner prepared by next Tuesday.

Bible Lands and Ways I like this class. It’s pretty relaxing while being interesting. We’re currently going through the Old Testament and discussing various geographical and cultural influences on the events. Like how far away Joseph’s brothers were when his father sent him to check on them. I’d never realized that it was a several day journey. It makes that story seem rather different.

P.S. Sorry this got posted so late today. Expressions practice lasted a lot longer than I had expected.


3 thoughts on “Classes Again

  1. I’m glad to know what you are actually doing and dealing with this term. I not only don’t like group projects, I hate group projects. We must be related. I hope yours works out better than mine did. I’d like to hear more about bible lands and ways. For example, I always thought it was a bit strange that David sent his men to ask Abigail to marry him. Was that a custom?

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